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UPDATE: We just received word the Visodate will be replica Tag Heuer wj1317.ba0573 watch selling for 355 GBP in the United Kingdom and hit shelves at the end of April.This translates to an expected MSRP of roughly $550 here in the US.Now THAT is a steal.Also, case size is 40mm.1. Hodinkee in Tissot, Tissot Visodate Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 10:41AM Believe it or not, we've featured a few watches that were made for the Nazi military.These include a Zenith, a Mimo, and an A.Lange & Sohne pilot’s watch.Today we are showing you something a little different, a 1930s Heuer military pocket watch featuring a chronograph that was actually converted to be worn on the wrist.That isn't the most interesting part though.

What makes this piece so 'dink-worthy is the engraving on the caseback.In all likelihood done at the request of the soldier himself, the back reads replica Tag Heuer cw2119.eb0017 watch;Afrika 1941” in between two crude palm trees with a swastika above it.In the denazification after World War II, many swastikas were destroyed or buffed out of items, them very difficult to find on timepieces these days.The typical military-issued German watch markings had “D” for “Deutsche” (German) followed by a serial number and ending with an “H”

By Stephen RegenoldThe year was 1887 when Sir Frank Bowden purchased interest in a small bicycle business on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, England. The company, which would one day grow to an international bicycling force called Raleigh UK Ltd., began with a humble single-speed model, a bike with no freewheel but tires capable of replica Omega 1457.78 WoMen's watch treading the rolling dirt tracks and cobblestone streets common of the era.Fast forward 122 years. It is 2009 and a new type of single-speed bike is in fashion.

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The just announced Tissot Visodate 1957 is very handsome, features an ETA 2836 movement, and comes in either stainless steel or steel with an interesting PVD Gilt coating.The "Tissot" logo on the dial is also the same style as you would've found on an original replica Tag Heuer waf111c.ba0810 watch Visodate, very cool.It is a and classic looking watch with a Swiss automatic movement, deployment clasp, and all the niceties of a modern wristwatch, which includes sapphire crystal and exhibition back.We don't have the official MSRP just yet but it is listed at $500-$999 which makes this watch a real contender if you're looking for stylish dress watch that won't break the bank.

It’s the charity we’ve set up because I believe that everyone, whether they’re disabled or able bodied, should be able to—or at least try to—live their dreams. We’ve established a trust for people who are either disabled or disadvantaged financially replica Patek Philippe watch and have a particular sailing dream which they want to fulfill. We’ll help with that. We hope to raise $75,000 for the charity. What’s been the most rewarding part of sharing your story with a larger audience?

World touring Scottish cyclist Mark Beaumont began his latest long-distance adventure and is currently en route to the starting point in Alaska. Beaumont hopes to cycle to the tip of Tierra del Fuego by February 2010, a journey of some 15,000 miles.Sean Brander A new Yale University study asserts that many damaged ecosystems can recover in replica Omega 1360.75.00 Watch a single human lifetimeif, that is, the source of pollution is eliminated and restoration work is performed. According to the study, forests take the longest to recoversome 40 yearswhile ocean bottoms can recover in a decade.Sean Brander

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Today the Telegraph issued a list of Britains 20 greatest adventurers, including women (about time) and a few crazies like Benedict Allen, who ate his dog on an expedition across the Amazon. Sean Brander Americans bought more new bicycles replica Omega 1561.51.00 WoMen's watch than they did cars in the first quarter of 2009, suggesting that the economic recession may altering fundamental facets of the American lifestyle. Bicycle sales were still down 30% from last year, but eked out car sales by about 100,000 for a total of 2.6 million.Sean Brander

Cyclone Aila tore into Bangladesh and eastern India on Wednesday, killing at least 191 people and cutting off millions more from food and medical aid. The death toll is expected to rise as rescuers push deeper into flooded areas. Sean Brander A Kenyan man, replica Omega 1277.70 WoMen's watch Wesley Korir, and a Russian woman, Tatiana Petrova, won the 24th annual Los Angeles Marathon. Korir finished in 2:08:24, busting the state and course record. Petrova finished in 2:25:59, the second fastest womens finish this year.Sean Brander

A reasonably priced and classic-looking dress watch is something we get requests for ALL the time.Last year, Longines released a fantastic retro dress replica Tag Heuer cw5140.fc8147 watch called the Silver Arrow that, at $1500MSRP, is really a great value.It turned into a smash success for Longines.This year, Swatch little brother Tissot is following suit by bringing back one of their own 1950s classics, the Visodate.Originally released in 1953 to commemorate Tissot's 100 year anniversary, the Visodate was later adapted into a few different forms, including a beefier dive watch.The original concept is sleek and stylish, and at the time represented a coup for the brand because the watch was both automatic and had a date window.

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Gutting, absolutely gutting. I couldn’t talk to the team. I gave up when I handed over responsibility to my project manager. It was a tough six weeks after we finished and I was back in the same sofa looking at the same view unable to do replica Oris watch anything again. Terrible. We’ve got the electronics so they’re now in a watertight box and that’s really the key. We did that pretty early on in the sail. Last year it was really the weather that completely stranded us.Have you heard from fans or admirers about how your story has inspired them to go for their dreams?That’s what Hilary’s Dream Trust is all about.

Who, of the mainstream, mass-marketed brands, is really doing something cool and innovative, in your opinion (Rolex, Patek, Breitling, et.al.)?Patek and replica Tag Heuer cv2116.eb0017 watch have come up with interesting models in the past year.It's incredible that they have been so successful in maintaining such high values on the secondary market.Two of the cooler brands that have been in the market and developing new works of art in horological machines are Felix Baumgartner of Urwerk and Max Busser of MB&F.Their innovations are totally futuristic and represent a new trend in modern watches.13.I presume you are a collector.

What is your favorite piece? Do you own many vintage replica Tag Heuer wjf1153.bb0579 watch? I like some of the old American watches, and my favorite, without a doubt, is the Gruen Curvex.I have a collection of about 50 vintage watches that I have bought over the years.I think it may be time to take another peak at them.14.Final question: what do you think of Hodinkee?Hodinkee is a truly remarkable site.It’s fantastic what you are doing to educate us all about the world of watch.It’s because of you that we can do what we do. Hodinkee in Interview, Maitres Du Temps Chapter One, Maitres du Temps Chapter Two, Modern Classics Monday, February 9, 2009 at 1:09PM


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It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome the Swatch Group as shareholder and strategic partner in Rivoli and believe they will join us in providing the right backing for Rivoli's exciting growth plans. Swatch Group's investment confirms our Replica Tag Heuer wjf2116.ba0570 Link Automatic Watch long-held confidence in Rivoli's experienced management team and successful business model, both of which have been instrumental in the group's impressive track record of growth. ? a significant stake in Rivoli Group in September 2007 and remains a committed long-term shareholder within the Group. Sameer Al Ansari, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DIC said: ?

AK Geneve Here is a quote from the AK Geneve HMS Warp press release. "Arny Kapzer (the "AK" of AK Geneva) had long been dreaming of rolling up his sleeves, getting his shirt wet, slogging his guts out, in short, of doing battle with Replica Tag Heuer waf141c.ba0813 Aquaracer Watch. " This concept watch should be available this November. Dubai International Capital, the international investment arm of Dubai Holding, acquired

Please hit the link to see 1 more picture and press release. CaseKnowing Arny Kapzer and his unconditional love of the 1960s science-fiction series, one understands more easily why he chose to give the case of his watch a shuttle shape, which creates an impression of speed. This elongated case has been created to form an extension of the arm, thereby displaying a rare harmony for a watch of this size. Space shuttle or tortoise, when Replica Tag Heuer cv2010.fc6205 Carrera Tachymeter Watch one looks at it from above with its asymmetrical horns and its crown, one has to admit that the watch also looks like a beetle. And an ergonomic beetle what's more.